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Shelves on Wheels

Shelves on Wheels

Jan 16, 2016

I scored some used shelving 18” x 36” x 72” for $10 bucks from an onsite auction of a closed furniture store. Space is at a preimum in my house and garage. I wanted to put some wheels on the shelves so I can move them around the garage. Wow they’re on sale for $55 bucks at HomeDepot. (oops online + exorbitant shipping) These are significantly stronger shelves than the plastic and metal ones that are only a few dollars less expensive. I bought a 4×8 sheet of 3/8 inch plywood. Homedepot was kind enough to rip it to my specifications. I bought a dolly on sale at Harbor Freight (HF) for twelve bucks that I salvaged both the casters and carriage bolts and nuts. I want to put wheels on these shelves. I start with a diagram of my idea. It was very helpful in describing the cuts I wanted from the HomeDepot saw cuts. I keep a project journal with graph style pages. Two pieces of 3/8” plywood. The bottom piece is 1” wider on all four sides. This will fit just inside the metal colums of the shelving unit. Clamped for curing over night at least ten hours. I used full tube of “Liquid Nails”   Bummer! Surprised that the liquid nails didn’t hold. Well anyway I’m forging on bolting the casters to the two pieces of plywood.   I clamp a piece of the salvaged HF dolly in place to use as a drill guide for the caster cariage bolts. Casters attached surrounded by the dregs of the salvaged HF dolly. A detail of how the shelving fits snugly over the top piece resting on the bottom. The custom shelving dolly raises the shelves a little less than 4 inches. Looking good. They seem pretty stable. Time will...

DIY Workbench LED lighting

DIY Workbench LED lighting

Feb 16, 2013

After looking around Homedepot and Lowes a few times I wasn’t satisfied with the price, size or color temperature of any of the lighting solutions I saw. Blam, Pow and Zap! DIY to the rescue. I bought some surplus LED light modules on a string of 20 from MPJA. An eight foot length of angle aluminum and some screws from Homedepot. Got busy this morning, drove to Homedepot and with writing this article I took less than three hours to complete this project. Now I can see quite a bit more clearly on my work bench. I can remove a couple free standing desk lamps for more bench space. Here is a photo shot from my new #wp8 Nokia Lumia 920 showing the LED modules and the angle aluminum. There are adhesive backs on the modules. I soldered on a power connector, found an old 800ma 12vdc wall wart and well… there ya go. And the finished product on my work bench. Now I can get to work on the microMedic contest at Parallax. And my @HomeAmation data logger, and my RaspberryPi node.js Home automation, and my laser robot, and my CNC mill, and yada yada yada sis boom bah! c...

Journey to PCB

I’ve spent the last week learning about Fritzing to create printed circuit board art work. It’s a cool program with a quick learning curve. You might enjoy this quick video. It’s a great demonstration introduction. (Note: Fritzing is not limited to adduino)   I also spent a bit of time trying to produce a PCB board. After quite a bit of frustration I learned it’s pretty easy to do. The numerous tutorials I found weren’t exaggerating. Turns out it was the laser printer I was using, an HP Color CP2025. Love that printer. But $50 bucks at Office Depot bought me a Samsung ML-1865W monochrome laser printer. Once I had this new printer I produced this board with my second try at applying the art work to the copper using the toner transfer method. Turned my frustration into excitement for using this technique for lot’s of electronics projects. It’s not much more time and effort than doing it on a perf board and it’s quite a bit more durable. You can send the circuit you create to a fabrication house for production too once you come up with that great idea for a new product. After checking out the various tutorials in the Resources section below I highly recommend the Yahoo group: ‘Homebrew_PCBs’ Big win here was Staples item# 633215 Color laser paper. $12.49 / 300 =~ .042 cents per sheet. I also bought some 3M color transparency paper at Office Depot for the sticker shocking price of $35.49 / 100 =~ 35 cents a sheet. I haven’t tried the transparency subsequent to the laser printer purchase. For that price I can deal with the few shards of paper that stick to the artwork. I’m assuming you’ve read one of the tutorials and are familiar with the terms used in the remainder of this post. This is a nice little video from Instructables. Check the links in the Resources section of this post. Doesn’t hurt to read a couple different tutorials to drive the concepts home.     This is the PCB view in Fritzing of the board I created. Here are a few pictures of my first circuit board using the toner transfer...

Prototype 2 home built quad copter Success

  Cool! This test of my second prototype worked. This first prototype didn’t. Not bad for an hour of work and less than five bucks of parts. Next step accelerometer and or gyroscope. I think I’ll try it with Parallax propeller, netdruino and arduino. I mounted the motors on the top of stronger spars with a glue gun. Dressed the wires too. (FYI It’s a mountain Dew) Although highly unstable I’ve proved to myself that these motors have enough lift to experiment with. If you look closely in the video you will note that two motors on one spar or the spare itself is tilted slightly. Hopefully this can be overcome once I add some sensing and logic to the motor control. This is just motors straight to power supply. Might try warping the spar with some steam. I’ll probably wait until after I add the control electronics. Great second prototype test proving the motors have enough left to experiment...

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