January 5, 2018
Moved to a shiny new Centos 7 VM. Dumped the buck$ theme I paid for – only a year…. Using twenty fifteen for now.

December 23, 2014
Upgrades! Removed visitor site map, forums. Added server caching. Smushed images. … other compression… Site running quite a bit faster now. very handy. Fixed quite a lot of broken Archives and Tag cloud pages, still some missing articles but from previous near zero to now > 80% it’s a good first stab. New, smaller, Favicon.ico

November 14, 2011
Upgraded the wiki. Tightened security. Removed enough Spam to feed an Army for a week.

January 23, 2011
Added a “related posts” feature.

January 8, 2011
Added a contact form to this site.

July 28, 2010
Added print friendly plugin. Saves paper!

July 15, 2010
Upgraded to WordPress 3.0. Upgraded numerous plugins.
(Nice to have some time off from school)

January 29, 2009
Fixed broken links in lawn, dog post by uploading picture content from backup server.

January 17, 2009
Moved from my home to godaddy. About 24 36 hours later moved it to