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I’ve recently learned to program my first WordPress plugin. (View it with firefox, internet explore does not display corectly if at all) HoweverSmile wow I duno… I’m gona share some real data about myself and my Dunlops disease.

I’ve been trying to loose some weight off and on for awhile. I wrote a php program to learn some code and to manage and display the data. I started that about two years ago. I’ve fairly consistently kept twenty pounds off – only about eighty five more to go. I’m not calling it a new years resolution in case I fail but I have been getting serious about loosing some more weight since this new year began.

This original php program used a jpgraph php addon to display the line graph:


Recently I’ve been working with jQuery quite a bit. I converted the original graph to a jQuery plugin called flot. Quite a bit of refactoring and cleanup of the db schema too. This will be the third system I’ve installed it on – after my development environment, then my production pre staging test and finally here at the big show – (review or discard at will). Its uses a shortcode to call my plugin and display the data:

I really enjoyed learning to write this plugin. I used php to json encode the data from a server at my house, and jQuery json decode to gather the data here at rodaw. As time permits I’m working on making the application multiuser. I’m more than half way through January now and still sticking to it. Note the flat line segments apr  – aug and sep – jan are periods when I was not recording my weight.

c ya… – jeffa

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Hmm it’s working for me with Firefox 3.6.13 and subsequent to my original post I also verified that it’s working with Chrome.

Thank you Jeff. Looks interesting. The flot plugin I’m using has some advanced functionality that I have not implemented allowing a couple different approaches to zooming in on the data. CrossHair looks pretty interesting, might have to give that a looksee for it’s general availability once installed.

Making a concerted effort to loose weight again. It’s an EPIC years in the making!

Fixed some firewall rules. Plugin of live data working again.
So far in 2014 I’ve walked 28 of 31 days and lost 19 pounds.

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