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Friday Night Diversion

All the batteries in my perhaps ten year old four handset cordless phone system are pretty much giving up the ghost. Out the door from CostCo I get a new Panasonic system with another four handsets for about eighty bucks. The technology has come a long way. These are so much easier to read. Plus the system is Bluetooth compatible allowing me to make and answer calls with my cell phone. Sweet! Inspired by teardowns by nifty nerds such as EEVBlog and Fran Blanche I do my own tear down of one of the handsets – with a band saw! Pretty dull evening particularly for the band saw blade! r r r r...

nerdDoro Parallax Spinneret Design Contest Entry

nerdDoro Parallax Spinneret Design Contest Entry

Jul 31, 2011

Edit: Ohh My! :-) I won honorable mention in the contest! What fun. Too cool. happy jeffa, happy happy! See all the winners here. Hello pictured above is yours truly the author Jeff Albrecht holding my nerdDoro prototype entry for the Parallax, Inc. 2011 Spinneret Web Server Design Contest. Click on any of the images in this blog post to enlarge. nerdDoro is functionally two devices. nerdDoro is a standalone clock and thermometer with Pomodoro timer feature that can be operated by tilt actions. No buttons or switches. And it includes the Spinneret embedded web server that serves a configuration web page capable of setting the internal RTC (Real Time Clock) from a SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) source. It also delivers upon request an XML file of the current RTC time and temperature. Several examples accessing this data in php and .net are included. This site,, also has a widget displaying the dateTime and temperature from nerdDoro and a previous project based on Phidgets. nerdDoro functions in these capacities very well. Yet nerdDoro can be capable of so much more. In the coming months I hope to explore aspects of home automation and incorporate a Spinneret in a new project that not only monitors but can initiate functions such as opening the garage door, turning on fans – the sky is the limit. See nerdDoro in action in this embedded video or view on Youtube. nerdDoro tilt operation demonstration.   Inside nerdDoro viewed from the back with access cover removed. Note the black cable is a temporary programming cable. The long ribbon cable allows the Sensirion sensor to be placed up to twelve inches away from nerdDoro   nerdDoro block diagram with pin specifications. nerdDoro web configuration page. Displays the time and temperature updated each time the page loads. From this screen nerdDoro can set the internal RTC from SNTP. The Spinneret usr led can be toggled on and off and the LCD Backlight can be toggled as well.   Sample XML output nerdDoro produces XML of the current temperature and time. This can be read by many programs I might design without the need to reprogram the Phidget in my earlier...

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