My first plaster mold

OK well it’s my first plaster mold in about four decades….

I’m taking a ceramics course at Spokane Falls Community College. At the time of this writing I’m a bit less than half way through my third quarter. (see back2school section of this site)

Among other projects I’m attempting to make several Propeller beanies that are the logo of a microprocessor by I’ve created several projects with. (click here for a view of the logo). You see I also like to program computers and dabble a bit in electronics, artificial intelligence and robotics… (see nerding and projects of this site)

I can really see where a properly designed and setup studio would be nice. I did this on my garage work bench. I’ll grab a shot of the clean up when I document the removal of the mold from this casting rig.

Click on these pictures for enlargements.

PlasterMold-0413 Here I am a bit into the project. You can see the clay dam I’ve constructed on a bat surrounding the hemispherical shape of the beanie I created on a throwing wheel. There is some petroleum jelly I’m using on the bat and the beanie where I don’t want the plaster to stick.


PlasterMold-0414 a top view

PlasterMold-0415 With a flash on the camera

PlasterMold-0417 The plaster and the stainless steel mixing bowl I liberated from my kitchen.

PlasterMold-0418 All greased up now.

 PlasterMold-0419 The mold is full of the plaster now. It’s begun to setup thickly in less than thirty minutes.


I’ll probably just edit this and repost tomorrow after I’ve removed the mold from the cast.

Wow before submitting this to my site for publishing I went out and checked the plaster. It’s setup pretty solid already. About thirty or forty minutes now. The book I read said let them dry for a week. Think I’ll go check that for context might have that wrong…

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