My First Single’s Dance

As I left for the singles dance I learned about on MeetUp I tweeted: “33% overweight, no teeth, shabby wardrobe – Heading for a singles dance! I did get a haircut! ;-)” Never mind that I had chickened out of going to two previous similar events. I found a reasonably clean shirt in the closet, but I felt it was a little tight and definitely not for going out on a Saturday night (unless it was to a conservative code fest) to the Single’s Dance!

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I participated at Occupy LA

Friday afternoon a series of tweets from someone I follow for technology caught my eye. She tweeted many pictures from Occupy Boston. I was struck by the number of people attending. I began to read about Occupy Wall Street in New York and other cities in the US and in other countries around the world too! I learned about OccupyLa from where I found a fairly well organized and maintained site. I was able to read about the goals and activities of Occupy LA and find a map and transportation suggestions.

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Power over other Pairs

Power over other Pairs (PooP – perhaps the second o is silent)

I’m working on a project I’ve entered into Parallax, Inc. Spinneret Design contest. The first thing I need to accomplish after ordering and receiving the parts from Parallax is to create power for the Spinneret. Hello World on my Spinneret will have to wait for me to create a power supply and delivery method.


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Power over other Pairs

This post is like starting out so Wrong! It’s supposed to be about a project I’m working on delivering power over twisted pair Ethernet. I’m having a difficult time leaving the following in what is meant to be a technical post about a project that I’m seriously working on. So perhaps it was just to blow off some steam I Bingled poop and the first Youtube was a riot. A potty training cartoon spoken in what I assume is the Japanese language, then the same video with fake English sub titles. I was stuck in Youtube for awhile…

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