Redmond Web Camp 2010

Day one

I’m here! with at least 100 other folks. IMAG0148 click image for larger viewIMAG0151

Slept here last night. Woke up with bunches of cars here already…. Wonder if I’ll get away with it tomorrow?

Cool. Wireless internet. My VLAN to home comes up but connectivity is ‘odd’ Not getting my sql server.

Twitter Hashtag: #webcamps looks like it’s been down since about 3am.


Stuff that caught my eye:


stuff I’m learning:

In visual studio you can use intelisense by camel case likeWeCouldFindThis with WCFT. Also you can type in the first couple letters of a control, then tab through available matches.


Interesting art work in lobby

Hey Lee! Check this out

Bean Finneran born 1947. This work is “Chartreuse Cone” 1997 Ceramics with glaze from the Microsoft art Collection # 1997131

IMAG0185 IMAG0186

Day 2


These folks showed up on day two, formed groups and are coding on eight different projects. It’s so cool to be around all these resources! I’ve learned a lot already, found some new resources and had a couple problems solved already. As I write this it is 10am. It’s over about 6 pm tonight.

IMAG0188 click image for larger view

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