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Bear souls


In a sea of billions one, now two or many more souls laid bear. Glad to know that the argument I have within is probably part of the human condition rather than a deArangement exclusive of my mind. A habit, whose roots are long forgotten, of telling myself “You’re no good” is occasionally argued rationally by my blurting out at myself assertively that “yes I am.”

I’m working towards living the now rather than remembering past sins or anticipating improbable future scenarios and hope that as I bear my soul to myself and others that centering on now increases my self worth.

Odd that I should be so afraid to move past the comfort of familiarity even though in moments of clarity I realize and admit the toxicity of that familiarity. And in each movement towards that goal I note in retrospect that it wasn’t that hard and the rewards were plentiful.


Who new following a fellow nerd @SaraJChips would lead me to another human, @apocalypstick, in a vast sea of billions that from time to time must correct the bear within ourselves. Thanks Sarah, thank you Almie.

Check out this post by Almie Rose that seeded my above moment of clarity in a comment on her post. Funny that this heathen would find writing inspiration on Easter Sunday. Good Orderly Direction moves in mysterious ways.

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I’m nota gud spler butt I did choosed ‘bear’ rather than ‘bare’ in the titel becaze of sum of za werds inn teh post I had read and responeded two bye Almie. Just thot u chould no.

I noticed this tag line in a customers email signature. Seems to related to my post.

“Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow wood. Only today does the fire burn brightly.”
– Eskimo Proverb

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