My First Single’s Dance

As I left for the singles dance I learned about on MeetUp I tweeted: “33% overweight, no teeth, shabby wardrobe – Heading for a singles dance! I did get a haircut! ;-)” Never mind that I had chickened out of going to two previous similar events. I found a reasonably clean shirt in the closet, but I felt it was a little tight and definitely not for going out on a Saturday night (unless it was to a conservative code fest) to the Single’s Dance!

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Dottie; BoeDuinoBot.Net


Meet Dottie (Doing Other Technology That Is Extensible) my BoeDuinoBot.Net Robot built on a Parallax Boe-Bot (parts kit) with a netduinoPlus (a netduino is in the mail somewhere…) rather than a basic stamp. Note the Parallax Li-ion Power Pack Mounted under my BoeDuinoBot.Net RCB (Robot Controller Board).

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