Registered FQ09

I’m registered at SFCC for one class in Fall 2009

I’m registered and all paid up for ART 205 Ceramics. Tuesday and Thursday from 1830 – 2130.

I tried to get into the flight school, and was accepted but I’m already one week behind. Classes for the flight instruction have an early start for the fall semester to beat the winter weather conditions. I’ve got a medical exam scheduled for 9am tomorrow. I need a certified copy of my Birth Certificate before I can take flight instruction. I’d be starting the ground school and Meteorology class at least six days late. And it will take about $800 tuition plus approximately $10,000.00 for the flight instruction costs. I just got a loan funded to finish reconstruction on some rental property of mine. I think I can manage the expense considering that I should have the project completed and rented out in less than two months. However with the uncertainly of the finances, and definitely dipping into my reserves that coupled with the late start I believe I’ll defer the flight school until spring.

I need to exercise my creativity as well as my nerd. So I’ll ease back into a school schedule with some artistic creativity, I hope that’s what I’ll develop a bit of at least! :-) I have my first project all planed. An imprint of my hand for my mom at Christmas! weeee…..

rodaw, – jeffa

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