Lawn, Dog, Hole, Grass – Yike!

Hello there, how ya all?

So I have this dog, named Sampson. IMG_0268 (You can click on any of the images in this post to expand) And a back yard. And I had a roommate many years ago that had a dog, Yukon. Both dogs had several things in common, one of which is digging holes in the yard. My dog doesn’t dig as many as Yukon did. And I’m just getting around to filling the holes and replanting grass. Yes some of the holes are four years old.

So about a week ten days ago I filled in the holes and spread some grass seed. The next day Sampson grabbed the 3/4 full bag of seed and tore it apart in the back yard. Not a very even distribution of the seed. Anyway I rake the seeds around and pick up handfuls of them and spread them into the back yard as best as possible. The yikes!:  IMG_0248

I watch the ground where I planted the seed every day waiting for the cool little miracle of growth. Sampson digs up this one and apparently only hole he’s interested inIMG_0253 where I had planted a lot of seed. It was the third largest patch to be reseeded in the entire land mined back yard. He waits until the little seedlings are just starting to sprout about eight days into the project.   He’s so cute,IMG_0273 how can you stay mad at him? While I’m working on this project to get the hole filled in, and grass planted he wants to play. He’s all happy and such.   He actually does this right in front of me. I had just picked up the camera to get the cute adorable shot when he starts digging the hole up again! IMG_0276Right in front of me! (See yikes! above)

Can you believe it? I mean really? I’m asking you! Can you believe it? This is like less than two minutes after the cute photo!

Alright anyway…. So I fill in the hole AGAIN! pack down the dirt, a lesson I learned from having not done that the first time around. Now I have sunken depressions of grass in several areas. I spread the seed IMG_0282and add some potting soil IMG_0272from this bag that Sampson tore up earlier in the Spring.   Next I cover the hole with chicken wire and stake it down. IMG_0283  Then I put a chaise lounge IMG_0284over it without the cushion to let the sun in.   Hopefully once the grass grows in I can remove the furniture and the chicken wire and maybe, just maybe he’ll let me enjoy the backyard without holes.

Rodaw, – Jeffa

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Ok this hits home. I have a room mate but she is moving out. One of the things that really made me mad was the digging. And all of those things above happened too. Anyway thank god my grass will be back to normal when spring comes. You should see all of my baracades I put up!

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