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I’ll be attending Microsoft web camp in Redmond at the end of June. The following are some notes on what I will propose for a project.

I am Jeff Albrecht, you can call me jeffa, president of We are in our 5th generation of authentication and billing solution know as Emerald for various service providers. We also have a WiFiHotSpot built on linux and a IM system. I am expanding and diversifying our products. Currently implementing an internship program with Spokane Community College. To compliment my current unparalleled team of programmers I am assembling a group of truly talented individuals who have had interesting careers and experience that will benefit this new endeavor.


(While at the webcamp I’m working on this and articulated a few of the things I’d like to add, I listed them below. Then I went to the codeplex site and read about plans for v2.0 of NerdDinner. The list is about a direct match. Looks like I could contribute with my blog per mash idea. Other than that I need to explore the ‘morality’ of attempting to bring a service online that appears so similar to this project. Hmmm…. ???? Just spoke to ScottGu he said: “Go for it!” I’ll sleep better now! – I also have the .com .mobi….

flash mob just tweetin’ and textin’ and bloging and bookin’ and after this you will be silicon… (sung to just Wishin’ and Hopeing…)

mash up I watch Glee regularly. I believe that mash up is becoming much more universal in our vocabulary not just specifically to music.

So my thought is that a flash mob mash up might bring people of dissimilar interests together to exchange ideas. Say for instance at graduation my CIS class mates and my Art (I’m into ceramics) class mates could get together for a dinner and exchange of ideas. Think of it the left brain and the right brain need each other. A web development team comprises programmers and artists to bring to the public a project that engages usefully.

Sounds like event management.


A site that incorporates some of the ideas of the Codeplex nerddinner see ScottGu’s blog on nerdinner (note I’ve had the flashmobmashup domain previous to my interest in MVC and hence the NerdDinner :-) ) with a blog for announcements and discussion, wiki for historical archives, email list manager and social connection tools to interact with other social media organizations such as Facebook, Twitter, google and Microsoft etc… I would want to support  MS live id, open id and any others from social media organizations logins (do api’s exist?).

How about a table that maintains a url to a blog describing each mash. The social tools for notification such as Twitter might be better placed in the blog. Or if no blog exists on mash page.


  • Social networking tools guru nija kinda person user and/or implementer
  • CSS / artist – look and feel make or find a new button set etc….
  • DBA Data base architect/designer. Entity development experience
  • Site Administrator – experience with deployment
  • VS Developer – How to add multiple projects into a deployable and maintainable site.



Think Tank

It would be great to get together ?Friday evening? to discuss intent, philosophy, capabilities and methodology. Discuss what would be cool, then determine what would be useful from the ‘cool’ list.


When the concept takes off the .org site could be supported by the .com. A store front in the .org could accept donations (ala PBS pledge drives) and reward with gear while the .com can just sell gear and adds product placements etc…

possible projects to include  in mash up

Should the entire project be built on top of a CMS?

CMS atomsite built on MVC is there a MVC alternative?

wiki screwturn

? list manager ? smcm (Social Media Content method|mechanism|management ?my term?)

Thoughts (before they flee)

in the .mobi a filter to twitter to show just tweets regarding subscribed Mashes?



Read my experiences learning by doing the NerdDinner as FlashMash

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