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my Right Weight plugin

I’ve recently learned to program my first WordPress plugin. (View it with firefox, internet explore does not display corectly if at all) HoweverSmile wow I duno… I’m gona share some real data about myself and my Dunlops disease.


Wee Small Hours

October 12, 2010 0408

In the wee small hours I might perceive moments of clarity that fade as I look for pen or keyboard. Perhaps after several, of these perceived moments of clarity in the wee small hours these perceived perceptions of clarity may gather long enough for me to coral a few with paper or computer program to remember or dismember or to distribute to other members and visitors of the wee small hours.


In Lieu of a Disclaimer

Score! I’ve been looking for this. Back the first time I ever read my poetry at a poetry slam. It’s dated 11/2009 I had written a poem to read there I’m Glad I’m Sad and with fear and trepidation I was thinking of what I might mumble for my poor excuse of words when it hit me – why not a poem for the mumbling. Hence the following which is one of two I read that first night. I actually believe that this Google search was the impetus for my start at poetry. Been turning the house upside down for weeks maybe months.

Awakening from a self induced coma

I thought to exercise my mind both left and right – previously wrong

In ceramics throwing I thought to Google “Spokane Pottery”

but English being what it is

and my fingers often dyslexic

Instead I found a broken mike

I mistook for amateur night.


OK well there ya go. c ya… – jeffa


Pigsty; Week 6

This is the second blog post on my project to turn my house that is an utter Pigsty into a home. There are a few of my own comments documenting the first couple weeks progress on my Original first Pigsty post. Couldn’t find my camera so used my cell phone…



(I originally sent this to my staff, a captive office, then thought it might make a good blog post for my two or three visitors per day to,)

It’s often the simple things in life that can make my day.