What shall I do when I grow up? Pt. 2

This is part 2 of x see: for Pt. 1.

I went back on August 4, 2009 for a visit with the councilor I began this journey with at Spokane Community College.

He printed out two reports for me. A “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” and a “Strong Interest Inventory” We spoke about this briefly, I asked a couple questions regarding specific classes and a general question about age demographics relative to day or evening classes. I came away not a lot more informed but knowing I was on the trail and exploring where and how to learn about learning.

Thoughts on the two tests

Interesting to take, and worth my time. Pretty much told me what I know about myself. I remember as I took the tests thinking how my answer to this or that question would influence the outcome, and as I review the results I think I was right.

It seemed like many of the questions were about religion. And when displayed in the results were billed as Religion/Spirituality. To me there is a HUGE distinction between the two. I consider myself to be a spiritual person but not religious.

My top five interest areas of interest according to the Strong inventory:

  1. Performing Arts
  2. Science
  3. Writing & Mass Communication
  4. Mechanics & Construction
  5. Computer Hardware & Electronics

Areas of Least Interest

  • Athletics
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Sales


Well today I went out to another Community College campus here in Spokane, WA. Spokane Falls Community College. So stay tuned for more in the coming days about that.

I’ll publish this rather than save as draft. Perhaps I’ll be able to expand on it. But in the interest of being timely with the reporting I’m going to do I’ll publish and add thoroughness to my ToDo list.

rodaw, jeffa

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