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Winter Quarter 2010

I’m attending classes at SCC and SFCC again this winter 2010.

I have a second quarter of ceramics. Not that the first quarter wasn’t fun and/or interesting… There was a lot to learn and I’m still learning. This quarter I get to work on some specific projects that I’m interested. When I took my own creations home and actually used some of the cups and bowls it was quite the tail waging experience! WaHoo! This quarter I’m making a 2 sided dog bowl for Sampson. As well as some experimentation with weaving some strips of clay over a hemispherical form.

I’m also taking a photoshop class at SFCC. I was signed up for a distance learning (DL) CIS 112 at SCC but saw a flyer in on the SFCC campus about a photoshop class lecture opening up with open enrolment. I switched over to it as I prefer the classroom experience. So I’ve got two art classes to my one C# programming class at SCC. I had also begun the stagecraft class at SFCC but decided that 1) it was a little rudimentary for me as I have some prior experience, and mostly 2) that it would require a large time commitment. 

The best part of the C# class is that it’s a programming class! I’m really excited about learning. But what’s more is that I’m surrounded by people that share my interests in computers. I’m sure looking forward to checking out the SCC computer club. I’ve already attended the Ruby users club that I saw notice for in class. It was well attended. There was food, a group coding project and folks sharing projects and such that they’ve found on the web.

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