12vdc Motors Matched Set; possible robot drive

I found these mirrored left and right motors for $24. They were apparently automotive windshield wiper motors.

I’m looking for ideas on how to mount a wheel of say something like five inches to them. In the first picture are some hubs I found at a hobby store. One disadvantage to the tires I’ve found in the hobby stores so far is they don’t appear to be designed to carry much weight. I might have to use a solid tire. I’d rather use a tire with an inner tube or otherwise more solid. Do you know any resources for small tires, wheels, and hubs?

Anyone have a metal lathe I can use or you can help me to turn these down enough to accept those hubs? Note in the partially dismantled picture the nylon gear. I hope that could be pressed off and back on again to allow the shaft to be mounted in a lathe.

I found this site that has shaft couplers and collars. Perhaps you know alternate sources? Or how to make them?

I’d really appreciate some brain storming on this. Comments, suggestions, ideas are solicited and welcome.

Is there a hacker space that has metal working lathes and mills? I’m currently in Los Angeles.



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