July 28, 2010 1030

This morning I discovered: “The Guild” and wrote this poem below…

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jeffa, July 28, 2010


This morning as I drove to work self absorbed in boo hoo hoo

I stifled tears poor pitiful me and stuffed potential bile

You see it’s just like this to me without sad then where is glad?

I also state it in this way as I’m a nerd by day and night

that 0 must have it’s 1 just as on will soon be off

That’s why at this point and time in space I feel a bit alone

I’m sure glad I have my faithful Dog!

impatiently I’m planing something spontaneous

contradiction not intended I’m hoping when or if it’s right

that two will become as one. like I said boo who

Arriving at my office as I waited for my logon I had my first message

from good orderly direction in opening a book randomly while waiting

I happened on a chapter all about what I was learning

I interpreted that as an omen and perceived it to be swell.

Then once my screen did welcome me and as I checked my sites

I discovered for my very first time from a tweet that was repeated

discovered yet a further smile from life saying hang on and by following

a link I found a group: “The Guild” who sung Gameon!.


Cool. I’m feeling better now and I have something I might dare to slam tonight as I grab the broken mic. And I think I’ve expelled the thoughts I need to in the expression wrote above.

Yup true story I just came on to the Guild by way of a retweet from a programmer I follow for MVC so sweet. knock it off with the rhyming jeffa! Here is a link to the first Guild piece I heard. Just watched the first four eposoides from season one also. Check out


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