Folks, music and STURGIS at the Park Bench

On July 16, 2010 Sampson (my dog) and I had dinner at the Park Bench in Manito Park. We listened to Michael & Keleren Millham AKA Sidhe. Visit their web site I found a schedule of other music at the Park bench this summer here.

So it was nice getting out and listening to some music. IMAG0206 along with other people at the Park Bench and across the street. IMAG0207 Cool that other folks had their dogs. Sampson behaved pretty well. I love my doggie he’s my best bud.

The Park Bench is on an intersection where there is some traffic. Usually not much and not to interfering with the aesthetics. A big Motorcycle came by with pretty wide open pipes and although the music was amplified the pretty much un muffled exhaust overpowered the scene for a few moments. It motivated me to grab a notebook from my car and write this poem or rambling.

Folks, music and STURGIS at the Park Bench

A park bench hoagie families gathering

acoustic guitar tuning

soon there’ll be crooning

microphone check

lyrical French feelings

audience floating in bicycles peddling


lost the tempo

lost the feeling

while RAPPING fades

laughs exchanged with telling grins

as that interruptions fades

the feelings return

under the trees

along with the breezes

all of this pleases.


I will attempt to perform this at the Spokane Poetry Slam this coming Wednesday 7/21/10.


© Jeffa 2010



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