In Lieu of a Disclaimer

Score! I’ve been looking for this. Back the first time I ever read my poetry at a poetry slam. It’s dated 11/2009 I had written a poem to read there I’m Glad I’m Sad and with fear and trepidation I was thinking of what I might mumble for my poor excuse of words when it hit me – why not a poem for the mumbling. Hence the following which is one of two I read that first night. I actually believe that this Google search was the impetus for my start at poetry. Been turning the house upside down for weeks maybe months.

Awakening from a self induced coma

I thought to exercise my mind both left and right – previously wrong

In ceramics throwing I thought to Google “Spokane Pottery”

but English being what it is

and my fingers often dyslexic

Instead I found a broken mike

I mistook for amateur night.


OK well there ya go. c ya… – jeffa

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