It’s Sunday July 18, 2010 1145. I’m writing this and publishing it on my blog to publically (luckily there isn’t much following) challenge myself to deal with this.

I could exclaim that it’s a huge house, that I live alone and it’s a big job to deal with this. But that can only go so far.

A few days ago I promised myself that I would spend a minimum of 15 minutes upstairs and 15 minutes downstairs each Saturday. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a commitment I’ve made to myself and so far have kept. In fact I believe I’ve spent 90 to 120 minutes Saturday on the up, down and out side of my house. Perhaps by the end of summer I’ll be proud to call it home. 

So 15 minutes whoop te do ehh? Had I started this project in earnest with that commitment 18 months ago that would be roughly 18 months times 4 weeks times 15 minutes equals 36 hours.

Minutes 15
up and down 2
weeks per month 4
hours per month 120
18 months 18
equals 2160
hours in 18 months 36


Wow cool! I didn’t know if that paste from excel would work. I’m composing this offline in Windows Live Writer. OK here come the pictures.


IMG_0595My house in Spokane, Washington with my boat and Snow Plow/ RV

IMG_0597The garage. Evidence of recent plaster mold project.

IMG_0569 IMG_0570The kitchen How many computers are there in the kitchen? And the kitchen looking toward the living room.

IMG_0579Geeze I’m missing an important shot looking the other way towards the LCD on the wall and my audio video equipment rack.


IMG_0572 upstairs overflow bedroom.

IMG_0594upstairs office being moved downstairs.

 IMG_0576 IMG_0577master bathroom with YukIckGross sink.

IMG_0574A bedroom that occasionally even scares me.

  IMG_0580 Back porch with some debris from back room carpeting last summer.

IMG_0581 IMG_0582The pool that I’ve been trying hard to get the PH and Chlorine just right. Still cloudy. It’s sure been hot enough to go in. Not yet though.


IMG_0583 The back room. aka music room, or family room.

IMG_0585 Downstairs.

IMG_0586 Storage in basement with work bench.

IMG_0587 Looking the other direction into closet.

IMG_0588 The closet where I’ve really begun to work. I figure it’s the very bottom of the house and I’m working outward. Most of the clutter in the previous basement shots is from moving stuff out of here. I have this room pretty much narrowed down to keepers. Notable junk removed are boxes of 2/3” video tape, betamax, some VHS. Also moving a lot of b/w photography equipment out to find a good home, give away or trash. Sad but what to do with old technology? I have quite a collection of old micro computers. Imsi, Altair, apple, Atari etc…


IMG_0589 Out the closet door into basement work room/closet.

IMG_0590 downstairs bedroom.

IMG_0591 IMG_0592The office downstairs. I’ve already started moving a the upstairs office down here. It’s much cooler in the summer. Hope to put the sides on those servers soon. Hate to turn them off as I love the uptime on them so far. That’s another story….

Wish me luck. Guess I’ll just start another blog when there is suitable progress to report. Maybe add some comments.

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If the original post is week 0, then week 1 exceeded my committment. I worked a couple hours in and out up and down. Now I’m working on trying to find some use, or money or the least impact on the environment to deal with 3 3/4″ broadcast VCRs with a/b roll editor. And 3/4″ tape and a ENG ‘portable’ 3/4″ recorder. Beatamax and tape. VHS tape. Some audio DAs and other misceleaneous outdated and probably never museum quality hulks.

Also of note: threw out about five inch thick stack of Quest ph0one bills from 2003! :-)

– jeffa

Week 2. Again exceeded my committment. Slowed down a bit. It’s hard to get going it looks impossible to ever get this presentable.

This week I bought some weed killer sprayed weeds in driveways and in curb on street and planters in the back yard. And some bug spray specifically for Hobo spiders that I don’t do well with. Found two live ones in one of the piles of papers in my office that need to be sorted. So bug spray on the outside near windows and all around the perimiter inside. Moved my servers off the bench and under. Got the laser priter working downstairs. Got a whole bunch more old technology upstairs ready for sale/dump/recycling. 3/4″ tape, tape boxes. A whole case of 10minute VHS tapes I used to send out PSAs and resumes. Gona make some art piece out of that. Like a wall… maybe :-)

Made a mess out of a drawer in the kitchen trying to reinstall it I broke off the previously repaired front face. Bleuch one step back on that… :-(

Started putting keeper boxes back in the basement storage area and moved most micro controllers and tools downstairs too.

c ya….

I’ve been doing the same around our house here in Yakima. I’ve given up stuff I’ve hoarded since the 1970’s. Boo Hoo, but there is an exciting freedom to jettisoning the parts of load, and having more organized workspaces. I would make a dull “Hoarders” episode, but could still qualify in some rooms…

I haven’t done so well the last couple weeks. But prior to that I filled my 3/4 ton long bed to the dump. And the day before that trip recycled to the tune of about $50.00 some of the old electronics pictured. Seems like I’ve hardly made a dent. I’m still trying to keep on my committment of 1/2 hour per week. :-)

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