Power over other Pairs

This post is like starting out so Wrong! It’s supposed to be about a project I’m working on delivering power over twisted pair Ethernet. I’m having a difficult time leaving the following in what is meant to be a technical post about a project that I’m seriously working on. So perhaps it was just to blow off some steam I Bingled poop and the first Youtube was a riot. A potty training cartoon spoken in what I assume is the Japanese language, then the same video with fake English sub titles. I was stuck in Youtube for awhile…

I’ve just spent Three days, probably twenty hours ordering parts off the web, watching for the postal worker, acquiring parts at a couple different electronics stores locally, then some stuff at Lowes, then return defective parts and acquire some new parts at one of the electronic stores … and about two hundred fifty bucks on these parts and assemble them all to get started on my project. I now have power to my micro controller web server. Not one line of code yet.

As I wrote, I think I needed to blow off some steam. There is a heat wave here at my Mom’s house in Chatsworth Los Angeles. It’s been eighty three degrees Fahrenheit or more in my bedroom laboratory (Note: spell checker just suggested Lavatory when I misspelled Laboratory) during this project. And I’ve got like a soldering iron on and a voltage regulator dissipating a lot of heat (writers embellishment)

It is Sunday July 3, 20111 at 1630 the day before the United States Independence day anniversary celebration. Earlier I tweeted: “My uncle, two fingered Freddy, advises don’t light the duds while drinking the sudz. Happy independence day weekend!”. I just looked to twitter for some advice on how to get out of this sticky situation… To post or not to post that is the question! I thought maybe I would just tweet something foolish then leave all this crap out of this blog post. I guess it didn’t work as the universe has advised me thusly:

Theses are all tweets in the timeline I follow within the last ninety minutes. Out of nineteen tweets I found these six relevant. That’s like thirty three percent!

  • @shanselman “I can’t believe my wife is arguing about which of us speaks English more gooder.”
  • @SteveMartinToGo “Thinking about my man-thong. #whatstevewillwearonjuly4th”
  • @JennyJohnsonHi5 "My stepdaughter is currently ovulating on my couch to a Justin Bieber movie.”
  • @hugoware “Not sure if there is something wrong with me saying "Hey hon, I can’t find my t-shirt with the dinosaurs fighting with katanas" or not…”
  • @JulieRasmussen And the number one reason I have decided to publish this Special High Intensity Training included:“Who throws shit at a fan anyway?” Thank you Julie!

OK. I think I’m ready for the actual technical post on this cool project I’m actually having fun working on.

I am going to split the poop into two posts. One post, this one, on the dilemma of the name I chose for the project and the second post the actual project. For now Power over other Pairs (PooP) is a valid term and relevant to other similar technologies such as Power over Ethernet (poe)

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Odd that I got a dose of the three day flu for the Independence day weekend. Talk about a S___ storm, I was painting porcelain for several days.

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