Sasha Strauss on Branding at Coloft

Wow! Have you ever watched a film just to see a great actor perform? I saw a true presentation artist in Sasha Strauss (@SashaStrauss) Thursday evening at CoLoft. But wait! There’s more! What an incredibly informative presentation. Check out his linkedin profile.

By the way some pretty incredible pizza was served. CoLoft is quickly becoming my favorite venue for Entrepreneurship, tech meetups and just good ‘ol Yankee ingenuity.

Some folks asked for copies of pictures I took of some of his slides. Here are all the picture I took at CoLoft Thursday evening. (ClickUmBigsUm – you can click on these pics to enlarge them)

(I am assuming permission to publish these pictures as Sasha was aware that I and several other folks were taking pictures of some of the slides.)

If you have some additional photos link them in a comment and/or I will be happy to add them to these.



Stylin’ !




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