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Power over other Pairs

Power over other Pairs (PooP – perhaps the second o is silent)

I’m working on a project I’ve entered into Parallax, Inc. Spinneret Design contest. The first thing I need to accomplish after ordering and receiving the parts from Parallax is to create power for the Spinneret. Hello World on my Spinneret will have to wait for me to create a power supply and delivery method.



.net Resources

(formerly C# Resources, originally published Jan 13, 2010 @ 22:11 Edit)

Here are some links that I have found useful while learning C#, MSSQL and ASP.NET. Perhaps it’s just a big bookmark for me. These links are gleaned from looking at a lot of google…

I gota get back to this link ASAP


Info on moving .mdf to sql server particularly aspnetdb.mdf

* login, authentication and authorization

Might be good reference for the BIG cis 258 assignment

MySql stuff

These helped me to learn how to implement and use the MySql connector from (sun) The site looked to have many articles on many different programming languages.

SQL Injection

.net gdi+ graphics

Simple mouse and graphics


Great tutorials has a bunch of video tutorials. I found the site from some Microsoft MSDN video tutorials hosted at they were free, however most of the others at require a subscription. I think pay up as the quality of the tutorials in my opinion appears to be well worth the subscription price.

I’m sure you know about but if not it’s well worth a look. And a second look too. With so much information I find it hard to find what I’m looking for. When my searches aren’t working I try to find some different keywords to get to the same information I’m looking for. Sometimes starting at the home for whatever language you are working on.

I copied and pasted these link from Tom’s (.cs/ instructor) ado lecture.


Not categorized

Some insight into visual studio web sites vs web projects. Be sure to read comments.

Check this for web site administration

* Editor’s choice (Hey! That’s me)


Eventually I’ll finish this cis 258 class at the end of June 2010. As I have no summer classes – Well Weeee! Here are a couple links that looked very intriguing and that I’d like to work through to learn more nifty asp stuff.

Shopping cart with pictures of items tutorial GridView Tips and Tricks using ASP.NET 2.0

hey below is mostly for me. Reminders and such …

this one is important. I should add this constraint to my CookNook. My fk works but this would enhance it considerably Garage Sale Code Tools and Utilities for the .NET Developer Storing Additional User Information DataBinder.Eval() Method Customizing DataBinded Output in Templates