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This mornings micro joust

It’s kind of interesting that as I grow closer to the problem I feel the answer slip away perhaps obscured by it’s enormity and/or my proximity whose vantage point does not allow me to see that big question that eludes answer, that exudes question that twists and turns in my mind to jumble up in left down out right obfuscation.

But is it the answer that I can not find? I think not because as I write read and publish this to coalesce my thoughts in one place and time it occurs that I don’t know the question! Or in the search for answering lost the question?

Still I feel that’s it’s not that enormous and that the elusiveness of that answer may be obscured by my fear of failure which may actually be a fear of success.

And now another thought occurs to me that if I don’t pursue a question does it exist? Perhaps the answer eludes because the question does not exist!

Alternately an enormous answer I look for can’t be found for such a simple question.

I wonder if I’m just caught up again in wondering what is the meaning of life? And so close to that wondering am not seeing the proverbial forest for the tree? Or the tree for the forest? Me thinks it’s time to stop and smell the roses.

At any rate I feel lighter now at the end of this telling of the mornings micro quest.

Thanks for listening in your reading.

June 8, 2011 – jeffa

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