(I originally sent this to my staff, a captive office, then thought it might make a good blog post for my two or three visitors per day to,)

It’s often the simple things in life that can make my day.


I’ve been following this guy Scott Hanselman He works at Microsoft and has had some incredible blog posts about most anything computer and not. Check out his video about his life with diabetes I stuck his banner up at and donated $25.00 The video of his insulin pump is interesting tech and his human element is very real.

I started following him for MVC stuff. But have probably learned more about computers and other topics than the MVC… in watching some of his video presentations at Mix0x and such I learned about important sites like and

This is a great post for must have utility software.

So anyway I happened to read a blog post of his about twitter and learned what a twoosh is.


A twoosh is a tweet that is exactly 140 characters, no more no less. You’ve maximized the size of your tweet. Some folks believe this is a sign of skill. You’ll tweet and learn that it’s usually luck.

:-) Some folks believe this is a sign of skill. :-)

Furthermore Scott has been complaining about a neck ache

That’s a lot of background for this. I sent a tweet:

jhalbrecht: @shanselman Honestly, Hanselman has huge healing html helping hands hourly  however his head hurts  him .  Hopefully his head heals  twoosh!

Original Tweet:

And I got a nod:

shanselman: @jhalbrecht well played sir!

Original Tweet:

That’s it. This mornings simple thing. Made me dance around my home office a couple moments :-)

C ya…. – jeffa

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