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July 28, 2010 1030 This morning I discovered: “The Guild” and wrote this poem below…  Video: Season 4 – Music Video – “Game On” Guilded jeffa, July 28, 2010   This morning as I drove to work self absorbed in boo hoo hoo I stifled tears poor pitiful me and stuffed potential bile You see it’s just like this to me without sad then where is glad? I also state it in this way as I’m a nerd by day and night that 0 must have it’s 1 just as on will soon be off That’s why at this point and time in space I feel a bit alone I’m sure glad I have my faithful Dog! impatiently I’m planing something spontaneous contradiction not intended I’m hoping when or if it’s right that two will become as one. like I said boo who Arriving at my office as I waited for my logon I had my first message from good orderly direction in opening a book randomly while waiting I happened on a chapter all about what I was learning I interpreted that as an omen and perceived it to be swell. Then once my screen did welcome me and as I checked my sites I discovered for my very first time from a tweet that was repeated discovered yet a further smile from life saying hang on and by following a link I found a group: “The Guild” who sung Gameon!.   — Cool. I’m feeling better now and I have something I might dare to slam tonight as I grab the broken mic. And I think I’ve expelled the thoughts I need to in the expression wrote above. Yup true story I just came on to the Guild by way of a retweet from a programmer I follow for MVC so sweet. knock it off with the rhyming jeffa! Here is a link to the first Guild piece I heard. Just watched the first four eposoides from season one also. Check out   © 2010...

Folks, music and STURGIS at the Park Bench

On July 16, 2010 Sampson (my dog) and I had dinner at the Park Bench in Manito Park. We listened to Michael & Keleren Millham AKA Sidhe. Visit their web site I found a schedule of other music at the Park bench this summer here. So it was nice getting out and listening to some music. along with other people at the Park Bench and across the street. Cool that other folks had their dogs. Sampson behaved pretty well. I love my doggie he’s my best bud. The Park Bench is on an intersection where there is some traffic. Usually not much and not to interfering with the aesthetics. A big Motorcycle came by with pretty wide open pipes and although the music was amplified the pretty much un muffled exhaust overpowered the scene for a few moments. It motivated me to grab a notebook from my car and write this poem or rambling. Folks, music and STURGIS at the Park Bench A park bench hoagie families gathering acoustic guitar tuning soon there’ll be crooning microphone check lyrical French feelings audience floating in bicycles peddling UNMUFFLED BIKE RAPPING UP LOUD! lost the tempo lost the feeling while RAPPING fades laughs exchanged with telling grins as that interruptions fades the feelings return under the trees along with the breezes all of this pleases.   I will attempt to perform this at the Spokane Poetry Slam this coming Wednesday 7/21/10.   © Jeffa 2010   References


It’s Sunday July 18, 2010 1145. I’m writing this and publishing it on my blog to publically (luckily there isn’t much following) challenge myself to deal with this. I could exclaim that it’s a huge house, that I live alone and it’s a big job to deal with this. But that can only go so far. A few days ago I promised myself that I would spend a minimum of 15 minutes upstairs and 15 minutes downstairs each Saturday. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a commitment I’ve made to myself and so far have kept. In fact I believe I’ve spent 90 to 120 minutes Saturday on the up, down and out side of my house. Perhaps by the end of summer I’ll be proud to call it home.  So 15 minutes whoop te do ehh? Had I started this project in earnest with that commitment 18 months ago that would be roughly 18 months times 4 weeks times 15 minutes equals 36 hours. Minutes 15 up and down 2   30 weeks per month 4 hours per month 120 18 months 18 equals 2160   60 hours in 18 months 36   Wow cool! I didn’t know if that paste from excel would work. I’m composing this offline in Windows Live Writer. OK here come the pictures.   My house in Spokane, Washington with my boat and Snow Plow/ RV The garage. Evidence of recent plaster mold project. The kitchen How many computers are there in the kitchen? And the kitchen looking toward the living room. Geeze I’m missing an important shot looking the other way towards the LCD on the wall and my audio video equipment rack.   upstairs overflow bedroom. upstairs office being moved downstairs.   master bathroom with YukIckGross sink. A bedroom that occasionally even scares me.   Back porch with some debris from back room carpeting last summer. The pool that I’ve been trying hard to get the PH and Chlorine just right. Still cloudy. It’s sure been hot enough to go in. Not yet though.   The back room. aka music room, or family room. Downstairs. Storage in basement with work bench. Looking the other direction...

jeffa visits his Mother Summer 2010

  Meaningless pictures to most but a place to share them with those of us in the know! :-) Some pictures from my visit with Mom. Got enough wine Mom? Thank you store patron for snapping this for me. The nice sales lady snaps this picture of me wheeling mom around shopping. My favorite childhood home. Make ‘er go...

MVC Resources

Pretty much just a big book mark for me. But if you have some sites to suggest for MVC tutorials, information, sites, blogs etc. Please leave a comment. Thanks!

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