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Bear souls


In a sea of billions one, now two or many more souls laid bear. Glad to know that the argument I have within is probably part of the human condition rather than a deArangement exclusive of my mind. A habit, whose roots are long forgotten, of telling myself “You’re no good” is occasionally argued rationally by my blurting out at myself assertively that “yes I am.”

I’m working towards living the now rather than remembering past sins or anticipating improbable future scenarios and hope that as I bear my soul to myself and others that centering on now increases my self worth.

Odd that I should be so afraid to move past the comfort of familiarity even though in moments of clarity I realize and admit the toxicity of that familiarity. And in each movement towards that goal I note in retrospect that it wasn’t that hard and the rewards were plentiful.


Who new following a fellow nerd @SaraJChips would lead me to another human, @apocalypstick, in a vast sea of billions that from time to time must correct the bear within ourselves. Thanks Sarah, thank you Almie.

Check out this post by Almie Rose that seeded my above moment of clarity in a comment on her post. Funny that this heathen would find writing inspiration on Easter Sunday. Good Orderly Direction moves in mysterious ways.

Nerding Projects

Prototype 2 home built quad copter Success


Cool! This test of my second prototype worked. This first prototype didn’t. Not bad for an hour of work and less than five bucks of parts.

Next step accelerometer and or gyroscope. I think I’ll try it with Parallax propeller, netdruino and arduino.

IMG_0872I mounted the motors on the top of stronger spars with a glue gun. Dressed the wires too.

(FYI It’s a mountain Dew)

Although highly unstable I’ve proved to myself that these motors have enough lift to experiment with. If you look closely in the video you will note that two motors on one spar or the spare itself is tilted slightly. Hopefully this can be overcome once I add some sensing and logic to the motor control. This is just motors straight to power supply. Might try warping the spar with some steam. I’ll probably wait until after I add the control electronics.

Great second prototype test proving the motors have enough left to experiment with.

Nerding Projects

Prototype home built quad copter fail

Well I guess if NASA can do it in the open so can I. Fail that is. Openly. I remember watching several Mercury program missions failing spectacularly on the launch pad.

So here is a quick post to document my first prototype test of a homemade on the cheap autonomous quad copter drone.

I bought a bunch of small DC motors at a surplus site that I used for an art project honoring Parallax by creating their logo in a low fire ceramic with functioning propeller of the quintessential nerd beanie. I gave a functioning ceramic beanie to the founders of Parallax and sold one too when I attended the 2010s unofficial propeller expo.

Gimped-Again-IMG_0871(This is not a flyable beanie!)

I have a bunch of the motors with propellers left over. I think I paid fifty cents or something cheap. I had some balsa wood laying around that I’ve used for some model airplanes and such. I used a glue gun to attach to the spars. Lately I’ve been wanting to buy a quad copter but they are at least three hundred dollars. I thought I would tinker a bit. I plan on trying to fly it with a couple different processors both a netduino and a Parallax propeller.

It’s probably taking me about as much time to take the pictures, write the blog and upload it as it did to build the first prototype. Looks like I will have to concentrate on a stronger air frame. I wonder if I can buy some carbon steel in pre cut shapes? For maybe three hours work including the blog post and less than five bucks not bad. Cheaper than crack!

OK here is the before:


and the after:


I hope you’ll take a moment to comment, particularly if you have some suggestions where to buy parts or alternate ideas for an airframe. A great deal on motors and propellers would be cool. These motors are pretty small and not much to attach to, hence the glue gun.



I am up late,  @bleroy tweeted a link to Tim Minchin’s “Storm” beat poem. I hope the #spokane community as exemplified by Spokane Poetry Slam get’s to see this.

a related video is this cool time-lapse creation of the animated character Storm.

Jeffa Poetry

Farce Monstre

Farce Monstre

© 2011 jeffa


This is a first second draft. Comments welcome. I made up a few of the words. As I write this I imagine I’m reading it to you rather than you reading it. Watch out poetry slam!

With my every viewing or participation of Facebook the dichotometric thread of my existence between the analog blood and tissue me and the imposition of the digital impersonation of that existence in a silicon world thins to a point nearing twang! Don’t worry I will not climb a clock tower, only postal employees do that. Right? To paraphrase Number six of “The Prisoner” “I am a free man, I am not an internet protocol number” – is that in my own mind.!? Now I ask you why should you be a friend if I hardly know you? Can’t you be an acquaintance? A friend would be a so much more if “Discount Anime art” were merely an acquaintance. Why do I have to like someone let alone something? Why can’t I “not dislike”, “neutral”, or “dislike” said someone or something? Consider this, can you answer any question phrased as: “What is your favorite ___?” with a single word in response? Like (unintendedpun) for instance how can anyone have just one favorite color? I guess my single favorite color would be grey monochromatically speaking or purple polychromaticly. Those color choices being amalgam of all the colors in their respective mono or poly chromasticity narrowed to a single choice. Ya see I can’t narrow it to one even in this diatribmatic oratory. Even as I exchange positive experiences, feelings and ideas with you, by my sharing in the social media, the faceMonster ingests more of me to regurgitate back to me as chum baiting me further as I cannibalize my own Soylent green self to vainly supply it’s ever increasingly insatiable hunger of deceit, deception and distortion to engage me to click on yet another button, the button “Farce Monstre”proceed to checkout

© 2011 jeffa


Comments very much encouraged!

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