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After a Half Night of Insomnia and PAWS Tooth Ache


While trying to stay clean back in 2003, one morning having woken early from intense dreams, Insomnia etc. I wrote this. I’ve been looking for it for awhile. It’s more about life’s condition and living than recovery. Recovery sure does include asking the age old questions – at least it did for me.



It’s Sunday July 18, 2010 1145. I’m writing this and publishing it on my blog to publically (luckily there isn’t much following) challenge myself to deal with this.


jeffa visits his Mother Summer 2010


Meaningless pictures to most but a place to share them with those of us in the know! :-) Some pictures from my visit with Mom.


Summer to do list

ToDoList tdlMySummerToDoList = new ToDoList();


Necessary reading for FlashMobMashUp

attend July 23,24 and 25.


Read “The Kiln Book: Materials, Specifications & Construction”

Meet the author

Develop a Parallax propeller based project for Kiln control

Attempt to do some Slump glass

Back2School Jeffa Nerding Projects


jeffa April 4, 2010

If we add together parts of parallax propeller .spin ping and radar. What do we get? Spingdar!

I recently finished a course in .net C# (.cs) at Spokane Community College. So over the spring break, which ends today, I reviewed pingdar from Parallax What my programs do is effectively the same however I display the data on a pc using GDI+ in C# on a radar like circular graphics object on a form with a sweeping line and a dot for the location plot. The math is done in the .cs rather than the propeller. I wanted to begin learning about the xbee radios so I utilized them to connect my Stingray with Lynxmotion tilt pan servo assembly to the pc. That’s my dog Sampson under the workbench. He’s my best bud. Above the ping sensor is a TTL micro cam from 4dsystems. I haven’t begun to work on that yet. It’s just sitting in where I think I would like to mount it.

Now about this project and the source code. I had a goal to accomplish a certain amount of functionality. At this point it was just for the learning. I accomplished that goal. The code is not pretty and the entire project isn’t of much use except as a learning experience so keep that in mind if you download the source.

When I have time again this summer I’d like to move on to a phase two of this learning project and enhance the graphics and add probably some code as delegate in .cs. All the graphics and the input data manipulation occur in a serial received data event.

PingServoSampson PingTTLuCamServos lynxmotion-pan-and-tilt-kit-aluminium





ttl micro camera (Hope to make a project out of this real soon!)

Parallax ping sensor,ProductName

Parallax Stingray Robot,ProductName

Sampson dogMyDoggieBoy http://not-for-sale.NoWay.jose

pan tilt

Excellent GDI FAQ/Tutorial


Very useful program and informative for general .cs programming techniques and specifically for serial communications in C#



  Visual Studio 2008 project for spingdar


.spin code for the propeller